Friday, July 06, 2012

What Role Should Evangelicals Play in American Politics?

Below is a great dialogue between 3 generations of Evangelicals who have very well thought out views on the political involvement of Christians in America.  The conversation features Chuck Colson, Greg Boyd and Shane Claiborne and is moderated by Speaking of Faith host Krista Tippet.  Though no discussions seem to be more passionate and heated as those concerning politics and religion the dialogue was both respectful and informative.  I would hope that many evangelicals would check this clip out and wrestle through the issues a bit before simply jumping in to the political process.  While I tend to find myself agreeing more with Boyd and Claiborne, I really appreciated Colson's very thought out reasons for involvement in the political process.  The video is over an hour long but is time well-spent.  Check it out:


greenturtle said...

As to what role evangelicals should play, of course they should get involved, but they should most definitely research and KNOW what exactly they're getting involved in.

And it's a lot more complicated than just one side vs the other. My political viewpoint is progressive, which is farther left than democrat-- which has always made me a definite minority in the church.

The majority of the christian subculture identifies as Republican, but I wonder how many of them REALLY know what they are standing for. Have they actually studied the Republican agenda and do they fully agree with it, or is it because that's what they are told they should be?

It's also a common practice to vote for a candidate solely because he identifies as "christian". Which I've always suggested is a bad idea; One could take a brick and call it "christian" if they wanted to. Does the candidate have experience, is he competent, will he make wise decisions and do what he says he will do?

"But of course he would-- he's a CHRISTIAN!" Oh, I wish that were true, people. I wish that were true.

Now I'm off to go get some chicken breast to hammer down and bake with ham and provolone and crushed corn flakes. Oh wait, that's a topic for MY blog.

greenturtle said...

I don't know if this pertains to the original topic or not, but in light of a recent political event in which thousands of christians participated--the ever famous "National Chick fil A appreciation day."

Everyone had their own reasons for participating. Whether it was to show support for a company that happens to bear the christian label, or to show that they agree with their viewpoint on the issue at hand.

Now, I've liked their nuggets for nearly 30 years, so I won't be "boycotting" as such. (If I boycotted every company that said something I disagreed with...)

But, having been on the receiving end of anti-gay bigotry, due to struggling with the issue as a young adult, needless to say I did not participate in the event.

On the other hand, it's not right to harass the poor employees, or wish cancer on people who eat there (both of which have been done).

But to re emphasize my original comment... how many of those people actually considered why they were participating?

Was it because they were told to? Did they believe they were doing the right thing by patronizing a business slapped with the "christian" label? Was it an honest and concerted effort to "make a difference" in the world?

Or, maybe they just like the nuggets enough to stand in line two hours to get them.